Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol - Boys Night

So let's talk Elliott first. Admit it. He is one ugly dude. But that VOICE. SO SMOOTH. SO SOULFUL. And out of THAT FACE? Kinda makes him cute and endearing actually... LOVE IT. Not his best (though, did Bryan Adams ruin that Heaven song already) but still one of my favorite performances of the night. Definitely one of the top 3 performers period (do they really need to go to top 12? Can't they just go to Top 3 right away with Chris, Elliott and Mandisa?)
Taylor sang GREAT but my only thought was, do we really need another Steve Winwood? Did we need the first Steve Winwood?
Chris is the Man Mandisa and though sang a quieter performance, his voice still shines through mediocre songs and let's hope he makes final 3.
Hi Ace, Justin Timberlake already got the position. Thanks for applying.
Hi Kevin Covais, Chicken Little already got the position. Thanks for applying.
As for the others, like Kellie, I like Will Makar for some inexplicable reason. Give me this one okay?
Gedeon is great but I feel he keeps picking the wrong songs and STILL needs to shave off that 'stache.
Oh, and Bucky? I remember he's good but already forgot his performance.
Bucky will go. Will Will or Kevin be the second one to go? Probably Will. As for the girls? Adios Melissa and Kinnik. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Lisa was knocked off.

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