Tuesday, March 07, 2006

American Idol - Girls (but Manly) night

Since the boys seem to be doing better and are more interesting this year, the girls caught on, expressing their "manliness" in their little clips. First Paris is really a tomboy, then Lisa is like Hendrix, then Melissa loves cars just like the guys...??? One of them sang a song from Camp which is awesome except, the girl in Camp sang it better. I'd rate the performances but I've already forgotten them all. That's how memorable they were. I'm only at the second commercial break.

Oh look, Joey is still on. Who knew? And the annoying guy is on as Jimmy. Wasn't he the "annoying Eddie" on Friends already? I guess it doesn't matter since no one is watching Joey anyways.

Was Katharine really that good to deserve all that praise from the judges? Personally it was just "blah" for me. Or maybe I'm still bitter that Crash won and Brokeback Mountain lost.

Okay. Maybe it's been a weak night, but I actually liked Ayla's flawed performance of Natasha's Bedingfield's Unwritten (at least she didn't demolish it like Ace did last week for Natasha's brother's song, which remineds me. Where did he go? I miss him. Hope he gets better...).

Oh thank god. Mandisa is on. Finally. You ARE Every Woman! At least on this show.

I don't know if Kellie should be Idol but GIVE THIS GIRL A SHOW! I actually laughed at her Stupid Dog non-trick clip. She's just too cute.

Oh yeah. and Kinnik peformed sometime at the first half too...

So who is going Thursday? Oh who cares. As long as Mandisa (for her singing abilities) and Kellie (for being amusing to watch) make it into the top 12.
Oh my god. The "Mink" is too cute...

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