Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol - Top 12

Finally. Top 12.
Again, they claim this is the best top 12 they’ve ever had, although this time, I kinda think its true.

And then the Top 12 had to sing… and half ruin that for me.

Everybody was alright, but underwhelming. Maybe I’ve built them all up, but everybody from Ace, Kellie to Mandisa and Elliot were only decent singing Stevie Wonder (then again, more songs than not, I had NEVER even heard of them, no offence to Mr. Wonder). It was only in the second half that the singers seemed to get their bounce, with great performances out of Katharine, Paris, Taylor and Chris, which still leads us to believe that right now, it’s still anybody’s game to beat now-for-sure-front-runner Chris Daughtry.
Now, let’s hope Chicken Little is out tonight, as overconfidently cute as he may be, though my guess is he won’t be. And enough with these Theme nights. I mean. Stevie Wonder is great but even he couldn’t have 12 great songs to pick from as I found a bunch last night quite lackluster despite pretty good performers (and yes, a GREAT performer should be able to booster ANY song but let’s face it, even great ones had some snoozer songs, and yes, I think people are tending to avoid picking the "famous" songs since they've been overdone in past American Idol's).

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