Thursday, March 16, 2006

[Bones] Two Bodies In The Lab

Forget McDreamy! Special Agent Seeley Booth is DREAMY!!! Not even multiple broken bones, burns or bruises will stop him from coming to the aid of Bones! NOTHING! [sigh!] At the end when he doesn't have the strength to lift her off the meat hook with his arm so he pops his head between her bound arms and lifts her with his broken body? I think I have a case o' the vapours! [lashes fluttering]

LUFFED that Bones is open to online dating! (and that Booth was soooo jealous!) But only in a tv show does the potential date turn out to be as good as he sounds online! (now I'm soooooo jealous!)

Okay, raise your hands if you did not see that the bad guy was the other agent. You, you and you, SHAME! Now go stand in the corner.

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