Thursday, March 02, 2006

For Your Amusement

Anyone who knows me, knows I LUFF JIMMY FALLON!!! So for those of you who do not have access to US commercials, I am linking the Jimmy Fallon Pepsi Ad. Click here.

Also, before the greedy hands of Lorne Michael removes "Lazy Sunday" from YouTube once and for all, take a last look here.

And for the funniest re-cut "trailer" take a gander here. It's "The Shining" recut to look like a heart-warming father & son movie! Hilarious!

Originally Posted by Highbrow


Anonymous said...


Jimmy Fallon rules and that Shining trailer is top notch...

internet clips rule!

highbrow said...

If you liked The Shining trailer, the same company re-cut a West Side Story as a 28 Days Later-type movie, as well as a Titanic trailer re-cut as a horror movie! They can both be found in the blog with The Shining link.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I'm glad you finally found it and I'm even more proud that I told you about it. This commercial doesn't make me want to drink Pepsi, but it leaves with warm fuzzies.


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