Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gilmore Girls - Bridesmaids Revisited

Tons of things happen in this ep, but lets get right to the point. Sebastian Bach singing Hollaback Girl is possibly the best thing I’ve seen on TV this year! Period! And Brian (John Cabrera) on backup vocals! Fantastic!
Now Zach is no Adam Brody (as Dave Rygalski) but I kinda felt him in this ep, and totally loved his proposal to Lane, although, I was sure she would come to her senses and say no. I’m not really buying the actual marriage part yet, but I’m sure it will bring the opportunity to bring Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda) back so THAT will be good news! (and apparently Grandma Kim too!, even better news!).
Over at an actual marriage, Rory meets all of Logan’s sister’s bridesmaids, only to realise Logan met them all first… if you know what I mean. BUT THEY WERE ON A BREAK.
Still, Rory doesn’t buy it and drinks herself loopy at the bar, and meets up with a drunk Doyle (Danny Strong, also back! Now if only they could add Andrew to this mix) who himself was just kicked out by Paris.
Rory, now homeless again, returns to Paris and amends are made. Thank god. Now back to normal. Which cannot be a word used for Christopher’s (David Sutcliffe returns! First Sebastian Bach, John Cabrera, and Danny Strong? If only Emily Kuroda was back and it would be perfect!) daughter Gigi who seems to be the devil incarnate herself. Lorelai, who helps Christopher out by babysitting Gigi only to discover that Christopher has spoiled her ROTTEN which drives a rift between Christopher and Lorelai, though all is fixed by eps end as Christopher calls for help and makes amends.

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highbrow said...

Grandma Kim's going to bring on the SMACKDOWN! Zach don't even know what he's gotten himself into!

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