Monday, March 13, 2006

[Grey's Anatomy] Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole

George finally cut his hair! Okay, so it didn't look any better because he did it himself with a cuticle cutter (I'm surprised Cristina never mentions that he used her cuticle cutter) but the mop top is finally gone! Yea! Unfortunately, he still won't talk to Meredith even though she continues to attempt appology. But you know what? I totally agreed with her at lunch. It takes two. It's easy to blame the Dirty Mistress, but she's not the only one to blame for the rift between the interns.

I LUFF the Burke-George bonding scenes! George really is "Burke's guy." That look she gives them at the end when they are playing a terrible trumpet and clarinet? Priceless! It is the same look I would have had in the same situation. And I LUFFED Izzy's dig at Cristina about being afraid George makes a better girlfriend. Heh. Well, it looks like George is going to become Dr. Torres' bitch soon. I have to say, George is not the only she makes nervous...But in a different way.

The MerDer friendship continues to grow. I'm glad McDreamy maintained his dreamy status by getting over his own hurt feelings over Mere sleeping with yet another man, and giving her the friendly advise she needed to hear. Although, it was nothing we hadn't already heard from everyone else. The elevator joke was a nice touch though. But really now, let's get Derek to make some real decisions about his marriage. Is it over? Is he going to seriously try and fix it? and if so, is becoming "friends" with Meredith really the smartest move?

Izzy, maintain some professional distance, will ya already?!

Cristina and a baby. That's all that needs to be said!

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monique said...

dope!!! just typed a huge comment but alas i'm having difficulty to say the least with my internet... sucks... oh well... in summary... meredith and mcdreamy going on "romantic" walks in the park with just the dog as the chaperon? who are we really kidding here? and please remind me what happened to mr. eye candy, derek's x-best friend who slept with his wife? was that it for him? i hope we get to see more of him and his too good looking to be a doctor character (albeit a cosmetic surgen)? has he been in any other shows?

vance said...

Eric Dane, aka McSteamy, will be in X3 this summer, but yeah. no idea if he's coming back to GA or not... I hope so though! He was also part of the Gideon's Crossing gang, a show no one watched which is too bad cause it was one of my favorite medical shows (and almost a pre-cursor to House although without the grumpiness that makes House so great).

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