Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Loop - Pilot

Premiering last night, with its second episode tonight, The Loop follows Sam, a 23 year old who gets hired straight off his thesis in college into an exec job at an airline company headed by a tenacious Philip Baker Hall (what the hell is HE doing on a TV show? Man, TV really is the new movies).
Filmed in one-camera, like Arrested Development, Scrubs, Sons & Daughters and the other new Fox show about post-college life, Free Ride, it’s another sitcom that splices quirkiness into the “real world”.

Does it work this time? YES. Why? 4 Reasons.

Reason number one: One of the Co-creators is Will Gluck, who did the brilliant Andy Richter Controls the Universe, combines the wacky world of work with the wacky world of our being in our 20’s, something that shockingly hasn’t really been explored in television nowadays (because apparently, we all live where 20 murders happen a day and we must all know forensic science to solve them).
Reason number two: Bret Harrison is EXTREMELY likeable as Sam, the main character that fantastically plays goofy, slapstick alongside sincere and naïve against:
Reason number three: Philip Baker Hall, as Russ, the president of the airline that hired Sam, in all his bitter command.
Reason number four: Mimi Rogers (Ex-Mrs. Cruise, although by the end of the year, who won’t have had that role yet?), as Meryl, the Vice-something exec. The Cougar to Sam’s prey.

It still wasn’t perfect, like the way Scrubs or AD started off, but I can’t wait to see more, which is a good sign. Keep me in The Loop! (You know I had to).

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