Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lost – Maternity Leave

Danielle is back AGAIN and warns Claire that her baby is infected. Cut to quick shots of a needle into a pregnant tummy. Kate shoos Danielle away, but the baby clearly has a rash that Jack isn’t too worried about but Claire is.

Jack and Locke debate about their “future plans” in the hatch. Future Plans with the hostage they’ve taken (The Balloonist? Or The Others?), and Jack brings up that they have no plans with the button but they keep pressing it.

Claire calls upon Libby, a psychiatrist back in the real world (so we are told, I still think she’s one of The Others), to help her remember the blank period when Ethan took her, and soon we see Claire in a clinic, before she was about to travel on a plane so late in her pregnancy, only, the physician, is ETHAN ROM. The same quick shots of needle, a nurse in her face etc., fly by.

Eko knocks down a tree. Jack sneaks into the hostage’s cell. Eko knows.

Sawyer is reading with new glasses, and Kate informs him that Claire is going to go after crazy Danielle Rousseau. Sun’s comment, while taking the baby from Claire, of “Sure you want to do this” reminds Claire again of the flashbacks with the in-your-face nurse telling her to get out of “here”.
Ethan takes Claire from the lab/clinic to a nursery, where Ethan tells Claire that Charlie was let off to go back. A mobile of flying miniature model planes surrounding a star keeps Claire occupied as Ethan and a white-haired man argue over the making of the “list” before bringing Claire here. Ethan says that they knew he wasn’t on the plane and thus had no choice.

Back on the island, Sun baby-sits as Kate and Claire go trekking in the forest, only to be interrupted by Danielle again. Danielle, who had killed the rest of her group because they were “infected”, takes an angry Claire and leads them to the point where Claire scratched Danielle. Claire thinks Danielle scratched her at some point a while ago, because Claire thought Danielle was going to take her back to The Others. Danielle brings them to the spot NOW because she thinks Claire remembers the incident. Claire seems to recognize a fallen tree stump and BACK to FLASHBACK/Hallucination/Imagination of Ethan bringing Claire out to the open. Ethan informs her that he’s going to miss her because there is not enough vaccine, and that she will have to go back to her group and that if she is to trust them with the baby, she needs to be sure. OH… ETHAN so manipulative and sneaky and CREEPY (even though Tom got all the looks, apparently the crazy runs in the family).

Claire, back in present times, starts searching for something, in the sudden rain (which can’t be good in any movie and especially in “Lost” world) and finds a door to another Dharma Centre.

Into the… hatch? Centre? The Dharma place? go Claire, Kate and Danielle and of COURSE the fluorescents are flickering down the hallway. Kate, who had left to turn on the lights, finds some lockers with the clothes from The Leader of The Others, along with Theatrical glue and a beard. Shiver down my spine. Wait a minute, then wasn’t that white-haired man talking to Ethan the leader? Although he alluded to someone he has to report to…

Claire and Danielle find themselves in an abandoned nursery, finds a baby bootie, and she’s reminded of the in-your-face nurse (perhaps Danielle’s daughter Alexandre?) who tries to help save Claire from the lab and make her escape, only to drug Claire who is unconvinced that The Others will cut her open for the baby.

More flashbacks of Claire fighting with Danielle, inter-cut with Claire now, taking Danielle’s arm revealing the scratches on her arm. More shivers…

Claire awakes in the jungle, only to be found by Danielle. Claire who calls out to The Others to be saved. Danielle hits Claire with her gun, attempting to save Claire, who only now realises who is one whose side.

They walk back through the forest and as Danielle is about to leave them, Claire asks Danielle about her daughter, who resembles the nurse who tried to save Claire in the lab/clinic based on descriptions.

Locke, doing dishes in the hatch, is joined by Jack and Eko. Three leaders in one room. Man, this could be too much. Eko is let into the room with the hostage Henry Gale, and starts asking questions. OKAY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT EKO? Eko confesses to being dragged by two men on his first night on the island, only to kill them with the blood dripping. When asked why Henry is being told this, Eko replies that it’s because he has to tell someone. Then he proceeds to chop off a bit of hair from his stubbly beard. FREAKY.

Back in the hatch, Henry hits a sore spot in a discussion with Locke over Hemmingway and Dostoyevsky, in whether Locke is a genius? Or the guy living in the shadows of a genius. Henry hears Locke lose his cool through the thin door. BOOM. LOST.

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