Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Office - Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Its “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” and that just scares Michael. Pam’s goal is to get ONE child to like her, with the lure of candies around her desk (just like in Hansel and Gretel), and Ryan is screamed out by Stanley when his daughter takes a liking to the young hottie.
How can so little happen in a show and yet so much happen in an episode?
One just needs to watch for themselves the videotape of a young Michael being interviewed on a children’s show to understand why Michael is Michael. The tape ends up reminding Michael of his initial yearnings for a family, and along with his oddly heartfelt bond with enemy-Toby’s adorable daughter, he sets forth to find a mate on an internet dating service, only to sign up with the moniker “lilkidlover”.
That’s when I spit out whatever I was eating at the time and rolled on the floor laughing.

We also get glimpses of Angela and Dwight flirting, Jim’s slight at Pam, and poor Phyllis is called Mother Goose. Kudos to Mindy for writing another great ep, in this fast-favourite series and for writing more lines for BJ Novak, who apparently can’t do it for himself.

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