Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh Academy, you tease me like a cheap whore

CRASH? SERIOUSLY? I thought it was some elaborate joke from Jack Nicholson. The rest of the night went smoothly (though predictably) well and you couldn't just finish it off right? Instead you have to remind me why every year I get excited that maybe this year, you'll do right, and then I come off feeling like I was a used cheap one-night stand whore (not that I know what that feels like for real...). This is the year you decide not to follow the traditions of the front runner, even though this year it was actually the CORRECT choice (Brokeback Mountain)? I even let you slide with Reese cause usually I love her (even though, as EW predicted we would all be screaming... FELICITY. YOU WERE ROBBED) cause I knew Ang Lee would be rewarded a couple of times at the end, but alas, you made up for The Ice Storm, Sense and Sensibility and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Now how you gonna make up for Best Picture?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Best Actress Award - FELICITY WUZ ROBBED. Reese is awesome; she just shoulda got it for Legally Blonde, not Walk the Line.

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