Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rest of the Week

Scrubs - J.D. and Dr. Cox finally become a "we" trying to deal with the dying Michael Learned, with the help of psycholigist Dave Foley (duly missed from Newsradio, why are you wasting your talents at Celebrity Poker?) and Elliot realises her booty call has become something more. I don't really have anything witty to say because I think the show already said all the hilarity for me.

The OC - Marissa is still alive? Good lord, kill her off already so the show might have a chance at being good again. Notice every storyline that sucked revolves around her? Oliver, Yard guy, Alex I-don't-buy-it-for-a-second Lesbian affair, the Trey-shooting, Johnny, and Kaitlin. Let's get back to the real show, Seth and Summer with pal Ryan and the best parents around, Sandy and Kirsten, with a bit of old style bitchiness from Julie Cooper. SANS Marissa.

Without a Trace - They cracked at least 2 jokes on this episode! AND Taylor and Jack Malone sang. AND Elena, Vivian and Samantha were referred as Charlie's Angels. When did WOT get a sense of humour? I like it, although I kept expecting a bomb to go off or something at the end in the bowling alley.

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