Thursday, March 09, 2006

Survivor American Immunity Idol Results

Where do I start? GEDEON. I TOLD YOU YOU HAVE TO SHAVE OFF THAT NASTY 'STACHE. Now you and your bigass smile are off the show and we have no coloured men in the final 12. Kevin Covais got more votes than you? Shame... Told you. (And seeing the audition clips, when you had a clean face and short hair, you looked SO much better and younger and thus nothing to distract from your voice). Oh well, have a nice life.
I was a little shocked that Ayla also got booted, since I was warming up to her, but I guess she was just another beautiful stick without any distinctive marks except for her height. Same could be said for Kinnik, just not as tall.
As for Will? You had a fan in me, sadly, I was probably the only one.

On Survivor, they did a combo Immunity/Reward Challenge with giant skull cutouts left-over from the mini-putt course on the island. This meant my favorite disfunctional team (as opposed to my favorite disfunctional family) was able to beat La Mina's skinny behind and win the Immunity Idol AND Choose someone from La Mina to go to Exile Island, but who wouldn't be coming back until AFTER the Tribal Council had taken place, meaning, they would be safe. Since Sally stood out like a sore thumb against the other 4 remaining guys, Casaya was smart enough to send Sally off to Exile, leaving the Alliance between the 4 guys in shambles. Well, it was supposed to be that way until Dan boringly accepted defeat and essentially asked to be voted off.... snoooze...

and yet again, even when Casaya isn't the main storyline, they remain the prominent story. They were rewarded a trip to the village to feast with local Panimanians, but the unravelling between Shane and Courtney continue, as the alliance is broken, then fixed, broken, fixed, all while Cirie comments that she wished they lost because Shane would have been voted off at that point, without time to buy back Courtney and Danielle's trust again. I hear ya Sista'! Aras and Cirie are totally playing the game perfectly, letting Dani, Courtney, Shane and Bruce self-destruct.

Oh yeah, and was Shane sucking back that cigarette he got from the local, sucking in a Mick Jagger lips sort of way, possibily one of the most horrific images one has EVER seen? Kids? Thinking of smoking? Look at Shane. Do you want to look like him?

I thought not.

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