Friday, March 24, 2006

uh. HELLO. Thank you. We KNOW it's TAPEWORTHY!

Check out the latest Entertainment Weekly for what we've been saying all along, that there is so much good TAPEWORTHY stuff out there to watch, that I do NOT want to EVER hear you people whine that "There's nothing to watch".

I've given you theatre (and if you need Broadway recomendations, email me, or wait until the Tony season starts and I will be reporting back soon enough with news about Three Days of Rain, The Drowsy Chaperone, The History Boys, Sweeney Todd, and god forbid, Lestat The Musical, Tarzan the Musical, or The Wedding Singer the Musical.) I've given you music to listen to, movies to watch. Now if you have not seen all the seasons of Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Veronica Mars etc etc... do NOT complain to me that the quality of entertainment out there is crap (especially since you might be one of the many watching The War At Home which inexplicably is still a hit).

Also, check out this article about the best underated actors on TV! (Yeah Jenna Fischer and Chris Pratt! I've been saying that all along!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, listen to the man! I finally got around to the highly recommended (a personalized recommendation at that) Entourage and I loved it. Now can you tell me what else I like?

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