Thursday, March 23, 2006

[Veronica Mars] The Quick And The Wed

Veronica tracks down a runaway bride, who turns out has run away because the groom's father has paid PI Vinnie to orchestrated the reason to run. (Does that make sense??)

But as usual, what is interesting about this show are the peripheral on-going storylines. And this week the writers tried super hard to incorporate them all!

Looks like Logan is still screwing around with Hannah's emotions just to get her dad to back off with his fake testimony. But seems like he's starting to fall for Hannah's innocent charms, or at the very least, he's starting to feel guilty for how he's toying with her. It's implied that Logan & Hannah have sex, but is he really that selfish? I sure hope not! Daddy finally gives into Logan and agrees to retract his testimony if Logan stays away from Hannah. He agrees but then runs to Veronica b/c he's done something "terrible". Won't find out until next week what that terrible thing is. [sigh]

Keith is so depressed over the fact that his hero may actually be guilty that she turns over the information about the C4 to the loathesome Sheriff Lamb. Man! That guy is GUUD at acting like a total jackass! He realizes he may have spoken up too soon when he realizes that the C4 was planted in order to be found by the ballplayer's car detailer. But will Lamb listen now that he finally has some evidence? Doubtful. Too bad no one can ask the suspect about the explosives because he's been shot tresspassing at the home of the teacher he was seeing who died in the bus crash.

Kendall is back in high form! Don't get me wrong, I luff the menz, but Kendall looked HOT in that skin tight red dress she was wearing while doing her real estate presentation for Logan. I would LITCHRALLY kill for that body! The Beave is a boy genius. Dick may have inherited daddy's "charm," but the overlooked Beaver got all of his business acumen. If only his future millionaire teacher (what kind of weird class is that anyway?!) knew that his sound advice was going to make this underaged student a present millionaire.

Best scene? LOgan & VEronica (LOVE! awwww!) of course. She approaches Logan about how it's despicable what he's doing with Hannah and he responds with a tap on her nose and an, "aww, you're so cute when you're jealous." [another sigh]

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