Thursday, March 16, 2006

[Veronica Mars] Versatile Toppings

I know, I know...I just wrote that Booth was dreamy in the 8pm slot, but now Logan is giving me a second case o' the vapours! At 9pm, dreamy is mixed in with a lil' danger! I didn't expect Logan to get outed so early, but I suppose they only have a few more weeks left until May sweeps, so they gotta get it all in before then. It'll be interesting where this thing with Hannah is going now that everything *seems* to be out in the open.

Veronica is hands down the BEST female character on tv! She's strong, she's sassy, she's smart, she's everything I want to be at 30 but she's only 18! In this episode she finds out that guest star Kristin Cavallari is a gay student blackmailing to out the other gay students at Neptune High in order to make enough money to get out of dodge. The case was kind of boring, but it gave us a chance to see Mac so not all was lost.

The Mars Investigations case with Jackie's dad is also dragging on. With ever passing episode, and it didn't help that they've been in re-run for the past month!, I lose interest in who blew up the bus. Hopefully, that will change with all of the new episodes they are planning to air each week. And, speaking of Jackie, I still don't like her character. Let's hope they don't renew her contract. Cross your fingers folks!

My fave line in the show: "You're rich guy kryptonite." Dick tells Veronica when she snarks that she thought they were starting to be friends. I felt bad for her though, b/c the look on her face said it all. It hit harder than she expected b/c it appears to be the truth.


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