Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Season Finales Catch-up - Grey's Anatomy, Bones

Okay, I'm WAY behind, but finally caught the last half of the Grey's Anatomy finale to finish it off, and while I didn't burst into tears like everyone told me I would because they did, it was still a good finish to a great season (that wobbled for the last few episodes). Apparently Heigl is still signed on for next year, which means she will be back, and McSteamy (Eric Dane) has been signed for the whole season, as well as Addison, and Sara Ramirez will apparnetly join the main cast.

Bones had a nice little twist, though does EVERY show need a twist now to end the season finale? Like that Loren Dean plays Bones' brother. What happened to him? He and Gretchen Mol were supposed to be the next big thing about 10 years ago and then both disappeared.

Anyways, still catching up with Alias, How I met your Mother, New Christine, ER, etc. etc. etc...

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