Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Upfronts - The CW Fall 2006 Schedule

Bring it CW! cause my wrath doth cometh after the cancellation of Everwood.

The newly dubbed The CW (The Complete Waste as someone wrote), is basically keeping the top 8 shows from UPN and The WB. Guess what was number 9? Everwood. Guess which show had lower ratings, a critical wrath, but will survive to next year? One Tree Hill. Is Everwood to blame that its stars don't get married every three months to constantly stay in the public eye?

How did The WB and UPN, which I thought actually had quite exciting lineups and possibilities, end up combining s The CW and have something tepid and boring?

7th Heaven? Can that show not die already? Smallville is getting old and I've just given up on it.

Supernatural is a great show but I'm not sure how long it can sustain itself as something exciting.

I personally cannot stand Top Model, and Beauty and the Geek is entertaining but in a diversion sort of way, not something you leave permanently in your schedule.

So the only things left? Everybody Hates Chris off to the blackness of Sundays, and Veronica Mars paired with Gilmore Girls, except the future of Gilmore Girls sans Amy and Daniel is in question right now.

I can't even tell you what the new shows are cause I get them mixed up with Fox's new shows. Runaway, Justice, Standoff, Vanished... look, it worked for LOST but THAT'S IT.

The big surprise is that the new much touted Aquaman series is nowhere to be found.

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