Friday, May 19, 2006

Will & Grace Series Finale

Last few seasons have gone downhill, but the hour-long clips show sendoff reminded me that this show was pretty funny in it's heyday, and surprisingly, I laughed out loud the most during the Grace recaps, although maybe it's because they've played Sean Hayes' Jack scenes over and over again on every other commercial/clip.

The season finale wasn't that great and yet I ate it up. I hate when shows flash forward in the last episode (even though we DO want to know what happens (see Felicity, Six Feet Under)) but yet I totally loved it, and loved that Will and Grace's respective offsprings Ben and Lila would hook up together, uniting Will and Grace after parting ways while Grace was originally pregnant, and when Leo came back.

Watching Bobby Canavale back only pointed out that he should have joined the cast long ago and kept him on for longer. He is one funny guy. Which is such a different image I have of him from his days on Third Watch (though he also proved himself fantastically in The Station Agent).

So in the end, we get a duet with Sean Hayes and Megan Mullaly, and Will and Grace back at the same bar from the first episode, toasting to friendship while an oddly perfect song from Ryan Cabrera about Always Remembering You after 8 years plays over the scene. The end.

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