Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Entourage and Summer Reality - Big Brother 7: All Stars, Canadian Idol, One Ocean Drive, The One and Mel bomb

I go away for a few days and I miss the Mel and The One debacle? okay. The One, not much of a surprise... who won the pool? Still, on this side of the border, it has begun a hilarious watch on all of CBC's latest doofus moves. First last summer's strike, then Tommy Douglas brouhaha, then bumping The National for the lowest rated (American) reality TV show EVER (or something like that). I mean, I really do want them to do well, yet, other than Venture and Street Cents, is there really anything worth watching?

Still, I wasn't around to make fun. Boo! Especially since I have NOT been a big fan of Mel's. Of course now it is just too easy...

Meanwhile, last night, I watched about 20 seconds of One Ocean Drive and was about to puke... so what happened ABC? Are they saving everything good for the fall? First The One, now this? Are they trying to ruin the luster Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy finally brought?

I was almost about to puke after Canadian Idol. I love when the judges claim each year that "this year is the best year ever". You can usually somewhat debate that claim, until this year hit, since I think it is possibly the worst top 10 in any of the Idols I have seen. Think 10 of Kevin Covais only with less personality. Like I've said before, just hand it to Eva Avila at this point if only cause she looks pretty and is the only one that sings in tune. And what was with the lesbian? Seriously, I love my lesbians but that was simply creepy last night.

Still, how, why? who? what the hell is Cyndi Lauper doing on Canadian Idol this week?

Meanwhile in BB All Stars, apparently this is the week where the Sixers will implode after Janelle's nominations. (Again, James, if you are so mad that Janey is keeping Chill town, why didn't YOU nominate the two?). Still, I hope they survive only cause I still love them to death, despite some strategic mistakes.

Finally, Entourage. Ah yes, my little boys. Finally (mostly) caught up to the HBO show, now post "Aquaman" success, and yes, it was either going to fail or succeed but they brought it to a place that was quite interesting (minus the Dom character who just left a bad taste in my mouth for those two episodes). Ari and Lloyd are becoming one of the best comic duos around, and Kevin Connolly continues to prove that his days of Unhappilly Ever After was just his parents or agents doing. Not as good as the brilliant second season, but still better than first season (which is not bad to begin with).

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