Thursday, August 10, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars

The Betrayer and the Betrayed:
It's a sad day for Big Brother watchers as the most popular Big Brother (US) player ever is voted out, turned against by his former alliance member James. What's even more sad is that Kaysar stayed true and honest and tried to save the Sixers, only to learn on the outside that James had (yet again) betrayed them and basically helped boot Kaysar out the door.


What I can't believe is that history is repeating itself. Chilltown continues to rule by weaseling and lying through, pitting others against each other (a brilliant play), Danielle controls without seeming like she is, Marcellas betrays his blonde fag hag, and James once again turns on his own alliance way too soon by freaking out way too easily.

I mean, the breakup of the Sixers was kinda inevitable. I kinda knew it was going to happen again but we all hoped it would have lasted longer, considering the HOH streak they have been on. One lost to a floater and James jumps ship (and if really felt betrayed that Janelle didn't put up Chilltown, why didn't you the weak before, and why did you JOIN them right then and there?). I had hoped that James was actually smart enough to realise his similar big mistake last year. Instead, last year wasn't just a one time freak-out, but truly a serious and repetitive character flaw of James.

Erika's best bet now is to nominate one of the Sixers with one of Chilltown, thus drawing the dividing lines and making everyone show their true alliances. Sadly, I doubt she will do that.


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