Monday, August 14, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Dancing with the Stars - and the dance continues

So what will fill the void after Wednesdays So You Think You Can Dance's Finale? I mean, other than stalking Travis, Heidi and Benji on the SYTYCD Live Tour? Well, Dancing with the Stars of course! Back for it's third season!

Granted, the dancing will look horrendous now that we are used to the fantastic dancing on SYTYCD, and the fact the they won't do hip hop or contemporary which we are used to seeing now will damper the festivities, but if there can be a few breakouts like Stacy Keibler or Drew Lachey from Season 2, this could be another fantastic variety show cheesefest!

So who is up for some dancing this year? "Jerry Springer, Vivica A. Fox, MSNBC host Tucker Carlson, Blossom's Joseph ''Joey'' Lawrence, NFL star Emmit Smith, Saved by the Bell's Mario Lopez, one-hit wonder Willa ''I Wanna Be Bad'' Ford (former Nick Carter gf, but who wasn't), High School Musical's Monique Coleman, country star Sara Evans, Harry Hamlin (husband of the show's new co-host, Lisa Rinna), and Shanna Moakler of Meet the Barkers."

Wow. Lisa Rinna REALLY loved doing the show didn't she? Guess Valerie was wrong. Lisa even is getting (forcing?) her husband onto the show.

Sara EVANS? OH YEY... though I'm suprised she's doing it. She's sort of an A-list Country Star (maybe B- list overall, but still). Her career is still on the up.
Vivica A Fox should be interesting, and Slater was always my favorite character on Saved by the Bell so Mario Lopez will be amusing to watch.

Tucker Carlson however will probably be the most interesting to watch, since I'm sure we all kinda want to see the politcal pundit prick fall flat on his face.

I wonder if Joey will still be orange? The last time I saw him on the set of a TV movie we were doing, he was completely ORANGE in colour. Time to ease off on the spray tan buddy.

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