Thursday, August 17, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 2 Finale

...and I was right. Benji won. I think if the show had 2 more weeks, Travis might have won, since it seems only recently had everyone started to realize how amazing he was, but at this point, Benji had all won our hearts, entertained us, and with his audition/gf sob story, captured us, that he was the shoo-in to win as I said he was. (I think if there were 8 more weeks, Heidi might have actually won since she has been slowly building as well).

What was with the early departures of Heidi and Donyelle though? Obviously with more than an hour to go, by just having the envelope there with the single dancer, obviously they were not going to make it, but did they really need to push the final two boys as much as they did? Seemed like the tension was let out slowly throughout the night instead of building.

Still, it was a great show with some of our favorite dances with my only complaint being that I WANT EVEN MORE GROUP DANCES (but only with the top 10... too many people in top 20 dances and I forgot that there were many people I did not like in the top 20, though I was reminded that Stanislav probably should have stayed longer).

Man, I can't wait for the tour, even though to the rest of the population, I'm sure they will be long forgotten by the end of the year. Still, what a joyous show to watch and a strange high from watching a reality show that I haven't had in quite a while (watching any show, except maybe the Everwood finale, though that was more tainted with sadness). So I guess we think Benji Can Dance eh?

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