Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6

Alright, where were we? Last week, people gasped as Allison was booted off the show. Surprising yes, but at that point, all 4 remaining girls were all amazing and though I felt Donyelle has weakened a bit in the past few weeks, I knew I would have been mad no matter what the outcome.

This week, let the race to the finale begin. Ivan and Natalie, Travis and Heidi and Benji and Donyelle pair up and Travis and Heidi are definitely the best of the night. Which brings me noticing this. Pretty much whoever Travis, but even more so, Benji and Heidi are paired up with, they usually have an excellent night.

At this point, Travis is still my favorite male, and as the judges point out, he has a charisma that cannot be taught. He shines with soul, and moves on stage with confidence, oozes grace and romances the stage with a naivety of a young man still ready to explore the world. We watch and we swoon.

As a counterpoint, Benji, is the all round good/funny guy that is everyone’s friend, and one cannot help but smile when watching Benji dance around the stage (even when he’s acting “tough” like his hip hop routine tonight). His moves are perfection, his bounce and energy are emphatic and endearing. We watch with complete joy.

Heidi, is still the biggest surprise. From the very beginning, she has consistently countered my initial judgement of her being an annoying competition kid. She’s bouncy and joyous to watch like her cousin Benji but has grown to become sensual and graceful like her partner (this week) Travis.

To be honest, all six at this point (and if you would have added Allison and Dimitri from the past two weeks), were all my faves and if any of them wins, it would be deserved.

At least until tonight:

Ivan has been great, like watching the little kid grow before our eyes. However, even his solo hip hop was not as impressive as before.

, seems to have lost her spirit, as I’m sure injuries and pain are enough to overtake the joys of dancing, but it’s true that lately, she has not popped and been as tight as she should be at this point. Still love her but at this point, I think she is the worst between her and Natalie.

Natalie meanwhile is so fantastic, dancing through the pain of her knee, but my feeling is that more people will vote Heidi and Donyelle tonight just because Donyelle has always seemed to have a stronger fan base. Still, you gotta give it to all the girls to be able to dance like that in HEELS. Just thinking about it hurts.

Meanwhile, Mia AND Mary are jidging and may I say, can we keep Mia on the stand EVERY WEEK? Her comments are critical and captivating. There were less Crazy Mary screams this week but her boisterousness and Mia’s calm collective commentaries are a nice balance.

So I’ll be mad no matter what tomorrow, but let’s hope I’m less angry and that Travis, Heidi, Benji and Natalie make the final 4. PLEASE…

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