Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Reality : Fall approaches

It's AUGUST already? the Ex opens soon and then we REALLY know Summer is over already. Didn't we just get new reality shows starting too? (and end already? Poor George)

So Fall TV Season is already approaching with the first new Premiere on Aug. 21st with Fox running out of the gate with Prison Break.

I've witheld my excitement over casting news on our favorite shows like Lost and Veronica Mars, because I figure either you already read it on tvtattle or other sites, and if you didn't, you probably have no idea who those actors are anyways.

There has already been a lot of reviews of the new pilots, with televisionary (check the May and June 2006 archives) and futon critic (in the Rant June and July sections) beinging some good ones.

Of course, this is my blog so I will have to have my say as well, hehe... so my Fall 2006 TV Previews of the pilots will start showing up over the next few weeks and again, seems like we are in the midst of the golden age of television! Or at least I say we are again!

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