Monday, August 28, 2006

Trash TV - Big Brother 7: All Stars, The Emmy Awards

Erika predictably put up Janelle and George, since she's too delusioned about her alliance with Chilltown and she sadly mistakens Danielle's girlpower friendship with actual trust. Of course knowing from the spoilers who won veto, let's just say I'm okay and happy. Whew.

How hilarious was Will making love to the camera? Literally? Okay. Gotta give this guy props. The man with the PhD (scary huh?) plays the house to perfection, though I kinda think his fake showmance with Janelle might have an inkling of something actually. They both keep saying they are playing each other and telling each other that... and I know the show is editing it alltogether to give us that angle, but... seems slightly genuine (or am I being played?).

Over on the Emmy's, Conan does a great job, too bad the awards bury themselves into a grave. Megan Mullaly? (Maybe 5 years ago). Blythe Danner? Monk? BARRY MANILOW? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why did I even try to bother?

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