Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trash TV (It's Like a Fricken Trainwreck) - Canadian Idol, Big Brother 7: All Stars, Rock Star: Supernova, Celebrity Duets

It was all a fricken trainwreck last night.
Trainwrecks of the night:
- Chad Doucette is gone from Canadian Idol but Craig and Tyler are still there?
- Danielle has gone bezerkos in the Big Brother house after realizing she's been sunk. Now, girl was the best player not to have won and was robbed in Season 2, but she has NOT been playing the game well this year and SHOULD have joined forces with Janelle a LONG time ago instead of gunning for her the whole time. Now it's too little too late. Silly girl, never try to go after our beloved Janelle. Still, I had to feel sorry for her when Evil Erika nominated her.
- The drama and aftermath of last weeks Dilana insult statements continued. Rock Star basically spent the first quarter of the show following Dilana break down, break a glass and thus accidentally injuring Magni with a cut on his forhead. If Dilana wasn't the frontrunner, she would have been thrown out of the house so fast by this point. Meanwhile, Toby was great as backup for Storm and was kinda hilarious pulling up those girls on his own song. Got to give him props, he's not the best singer left but he sure has a sense of humour about it all that I love. Meanwhile, Ryan is getting better and better, too bad I can't stand the guy.
- And finally the biggest train wreck of them all, Celebrity Duets. Was it me or was Queer Eye Jai Rodriguez BETTER than Destiny Child's Michelle Williams? Though celebrity non-singer my ass since he came from Broadway (and actually, he REALLY came from Toronto doing Rent first in this city). So not only could he sing, he could sing in heels and a dress (he played a wicked Angel). Everyone else though was a fricken trainwreck that was so cringeworthy but amusing (to a degree) that when it was finally the judges turn to talk, I didn't see THAT coming. Who would have thought that watching WWE's Chris Jericho or Cheech Marin would NOT be the biggest trainwreck of them all? The judges Marie Osmond constantly refering back to herself, and even more so, watching Little Richard out-do Paula Abdul as the craziest loopiest judge of them all was the biggest trainwreck of them all for Tuesday night.

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