Monday, March 12, 2007

The Amazing Race - Phillepeans

No Babies on the Race!
I'm Sorry I'm Wearing A Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

So is it an end of an era? Or will Romber show up on yet another reality show? Despite the fact that I did not like seeing them come in first week after week, I actually did enjoy the awesomeness that is Rob. Plus it actually looks like Rob and Amber are in love. I've set aside my cynicism. Plus, kudos to them for actually trying to do some research on the net while they had some time. Too bad it didn't help since Rob didn't know how to spell Philippines which was the catalyst for their downfall and eventual elimination. Meanwhile, Mirna is a lawyer?

Also, someone please greenlight that reality show starring Phil, Danny and Oswald. In Maui. PLEASE!

Plus we finally said so long to Mary and David last week, which is probably best, since Mary started to try to get meaner, still trusted others, got screwed over yet again, then reminded herself not to be nice anymore, again.

Also, two seasons in and I realise I still know nothing about Danielle (or Eric really for that matter). Do they even have personalities?

On a side note, seems like the popular posting of the spoilers I did a while back seems to actually be accurate so far...

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