Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol - Top 12

Oh, the last day we will see our happy 12 together again... at least until the concert tour where the losers will be each secretly trying to stab Melinda in the back.

Is this really just a race for third place now? After Melinda and LaKisha? I know I know but more or Jordin later...

Also, Blake Lewis' performance. What did people think? I think I actually sort of loved... er... liked it despite the bad 80's synthesizer beats. Liked the beats, just not the actual sound/tone. At least it was interesting though.

So, I'm on a Wait-and-see with Chris R. I know his vocals were not great last night, and it's a LOT Justin Timberlake but on the other hand, it seems to work for him and I like his personality. Plus it seems to work for him, so why not? You could say Melinda is Gladys Knight but is that really a bad thing?

Jordin for me came out of nowhere and blew me away but did anybody notice that despite the high praise from the judges (which, really means nothing), she was at times just SLIGHTLY off?

Gina was good but forgetable. Phil was good but forgetable. Brandon was forgetable. They all have decent voices, but really, they aren't as good as LaKisha or Melinda and not as memorable as Chris R or Blake. Alas, they will fall into the Kim Caldwell/Ryan Starr/Nicki McKibbon/Justin Guarini/Julie DeMato/Jon Peter Lewis/Matthew Rogers/Camille Velasco/Lindsey Cardinale/Vonzell Solomon/Melissa McGhee forgotten Idols hall of 15 min. of fame.

I actually kinda liked Chris S' performance. Not Love, but liked. At least he tried to switch it up, but apparently, the judges like it but don't like that (as they mentioned again to Blake and Chris R). Still, by the end of the night, I had sort of forgotten a little about it. Maybe the judges were right?

Haley started off strong, the dissolved to a puddle but Simon still praised the pretty girl. Hmm... interesting...

Melinda and LaKisha both did boring songs and still blew them away with their singing talent and their control over the songs. Still, I want to be WOWED next time.

Stephanie was also great but like I said last week, sort of pales just slightly to the 2 front runners though. Part of it I think is personality since her voice is strong too. I still really can't narrow it down though (since she seems nice and its not like shes annoying like Fantasia was).

Anyways, Sanjaya had better go home tonight. Considering he's so young and cherubic, doesn't he look like he's having an orgasm everytime he sings? It's quite disturbing. Still, people cannot complain that this years crop sucks because there is ALWAYS at least one every year. Remember AJ? Charles Grisby? George Huff? Anthony Federov? Kevin Covais? Yeah, me neither.

Speaking of which, what the HELL are these two still showing up for the Top 12 "Red Carpet"?

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