Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol - Was It Really That Shocking? Nikki McKibbin made final 3, Taylor Won Godamnit

So I was a little shocked last night at the results. Not that Sanjaya was NOT kicked off and Brandon was, but that I figured it would happen and I was actually right for once. Good lord. We have to endure pubescent orgasmic shagheaded boy for another week? Or More? Granted, Taylor won the whole damn thing last year so why do I still keep tuning in?

I've totally been finding myself still humming Blake Lewis' performance as it is totally growing on me, plus, this article from Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch notes that apparently the beats weren't audible from the live auditorium, which might explain the judges reaction. From the live tapings of Canadian Idol that I've been to (yes, I know, the sad equivalent up here but hey, it produced Jacob Hoggard who is still the most original Idol (just check his range from his performance list) I've seen of any Idol's from a format that doesn't exactly reward originality. Well, at least Jacob lives on in Hedley, which is doing relatively well for Canadian standards at least), some performances which sound great in person, sound horrible when I watch it again on TV at home, and some which sounded horrible in person, sound amazing on the tube.

So interesting to note that EW's Live Correspondent thought Phil to be one of the stronger contestants, and Chris R. one of the weaker.

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