Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol - When America Squeezes Out the Middle Class

Top 11 Results - And Then There Were the 10 that Go On The Live Tour

Okay. You know when they change it up and announce the results in groups, that something is up and we are going to be shocked.

First of all, DAMNIT. I knew it was going to be someone in the middle that wouldn't be safe, because that's how it always ends up at this point. I didn't think it would go past Gina or Phil though. But Stephanie and Chris Richardson???!!!

I knew some thought Stephanie might not have been safe but damn, I'm still shocked. She joins the ranks of the forgotten diva wannabes Trenyce, La Toya London, Vonzell Solomon and Nadia Turner. I guess the teen girl fanbase that Chris R. needed shifted their entire vote to either Blake or... for godsakes... Sanjaya? Guess the gays weren't enough?

Man, but I really do feel bad for Stephanie. (hmm. I really like that Chris Daughtry song. I guess it's comforting knowing he is doing well, so just cause you got voted out, doesn't mean that much anymore). She looks so defeated up there.

Um, people, you do realise that you are now stuck with Gina and Phil and Sanjaya on the American Idol Live Tour don't you? Suckers...

On a gossipy note, was it me or was Blake, Melinda and Jordin seem to pulling for homeboy Chris R? They really do have a little clique there don't they? The (presumed) frontrunners. Which is kinda cute though since they seem more like the Mod Squad or something. We aren't used to integration on TV yet still. It's a little disorienting. TV reflecting real life racial integration? My god!

Oh yeah and in Canada, CTV is finally airing the remaining episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation's Season 6 starting next Wednesday at 9:30 after American Idol! Woohoo! Watch out Paige and your burning books club! Of course, where does that move 30 Rock then on the Canadian schedule?

Oh, and this pic of Blake Lewis from last night? Um, no reason...

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boredom blogger said...

Nadia was no good - she made the same faces every week. But, I do remember she did a pretty good job with "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me." I think that was part of Stephanie's problem. Too many comparisons.

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