Thursday, March 15, 2007

AWW FRAKING F#$CKERS - The CW is officially DEAD TO ME

I'm trying to watch the somewhat dreary October Road right now (but considering I just completely filled in my profile and everything on facebook while watching, it isn't a good sign).

After already having a bad day from a disappointing realization in life (I think this weekend looks like it'll be a drinking binge. And I don't really drink). I don't need more bad news, but oh Dawn Ostroff, you just had to didn't you?

Last year The WB/UPN/The CW cancelled Everwood, brought back One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven (!???), but I gave The CW a chance because they brought back the excellent Veronica Mars. Yeah, well, no more as word is Veronica Mars is now CANCELLED.


I'm going to bed while nothing else bad can happen... I'll continue my mourning tomorrow...

The CW, you are DEAD TO ME.

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