Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost - Bad Dad

The Man From Tallahassee

Kate, Locke, Sayid and Rousseau try to save Jack and Kate gets caught, while Locke seeks out Ben demanding to see the submarine. Kate learns of Jack's deal to be taken off the island. Oh snap.

In the flashback, a young man Peter Talbot (one of my favorite THAT GUY actors Patrick J. Adams who has now been in Friday Night Lights and in my favorite episode of Jack & Bobby and hmm... is from Toronto, Ontario, no WONDER he's AWESOME!) who believes his mom is basically being conned by the same man who conned Locke for his kidney. Peter is apparently from a rich family, and is found dead.

Locke plans to blow up the submarine, and gets Alex to help, while Alex explains that Ben manipulates people by making them think it's their idea (since Ben, who was born on the island, (probably) wants to remain there, as does Locke, now wheelchair free. Rousseau catches a glimpse of Alex. Locke blows up the submarine just as Jack was about to leave the island via submarine. Oh, Jack vs. Locke is SOOOO back ON!

Holy SHEET. Locke's conman "father" pushes Locke out the 8th storey condo window, causing Locke's back to break, and how he wound up in the wheelchair. And we all thought we had father issues. Holy SHEET.

No wonder Locke loves the island and acts so weirdly.

Ben promises to show Locke the box on the island that reveals whatever you want. Which of course... da da dum... reveals Locke's conman dad. Boom. LOST...

Like my mind but whatever, damn was that fun!

Next week. Exposé and we finally see who the new hated hotties are with proof they were always on Oceanic 815 (link for spoiler pics). Man, Wednesday is looking spiffy again next week, at least in Canada where it'll be Friday Night Lights, American Idol Results, Degrassi: TNG, then Lost! WOOHOO!

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