Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ugly Betty - Laugh Outed Loud

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Can we put Marc and Justin together in a room more often?

I mean, we all already love Marc and Amanda together, Betty and Daniel have their cute rapport together, Wilhemina and Claire in the same room gets some nice bitchy tension, Betty and Henry are adorable, Hilda meddling in with anybody is always hilarious, Alexis sparring with brother Daniel actually works much better than I would have thought when they announced Rebecca Romijn joining the cast, but seriously, Marc and Justin in the same room? Comic GOLD! Not even gold. They would never wear gold. PLATINUM or White GOLD?!

Broadway Diva Patti Lupone shows up as Marc's mother, Mama Weiner and Marc continues hiding his gay life. Amanda, bitter that she was fake dumped as his fake girlfriend, introduces Betty as Marc's new girlfriend to Mrs. Weiner and hilarity of course ensues when Ignacio invites them all over for dinner, continuing the charade.

Then when Marc started outing himself to his mom, I actually got teary eyes as Marc defended the Suarez's and particularly the "swirly" Justin. Mrs. Weiner then proceeds to walk out on Marc. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! I kinda love that it wasn't the requisite happy ending and actually somewhat painful and realistic. Sad but sadly, true and I love that Ugly Betty can be hilarious and campy and colourful yet sometimes painfully honest and un-clichéd beneath those bitchy comebacks.

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