Monday, March 10, 2008

Cooped - Trapped In A Theatre - Theatre Review

Cooped - Spymonkey - Premiere Dance Theatre - Toronto, ON

So I was all excited to see this show performed by the British troop Spymonkey who had previously performed the comedic elements in Zumanity - The Sensual Side of Cirque de Soleil.

I have no idea what I saw.

Parts were comedic genius (though fewer than I would have hoped), but mostly it fell flat. I would try to describe it but it's basically a Monty Python like comedy group performing a pulpy gothic noir with some physical comedy (mostly the brilliant parts), some nudity from the aging cast (not as funny as they would have hoped in a post-Borat world), and then tons of things that were just too weird to even describe.

And it might have been a bad sign when the biggest laughed was achieved when someone walked out on the performance in the small theatre that was already only at half capacity, with the actors looking befuddled upon the audience member walking out.

If you like the British comedy sort of stuff (and I'm not talking like The Office or even Little Britain) this might be for you (there were a few people that laughed hard the entire show), but I felt it was a bad SNL skit that just went on for way too long and needed some major editing and polishing.

Cooped = * (1 star out of 5)

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