Thursday, March 20, 2008

Damages - Spoilers From Eight Months Ago

I finally started catching up with the critically acclaimed, viewers challenged, Glenn Close starring Damages from F/X last summer (which only started playing here in Canada this winter and is already currently available on DVD) and HOLY SH!T...

I'll continue after the jump to avoid any spoilers but seriously, did the pilot just end that way? Did anybody else actually catch this series? Don't tell me how it unravels but does the series continue to be as amazing and enthralling as the pilot was?

Whoa! I'm seriously like, did that just happen? Glenn Close as Patty Hewes is one tough and ruthless muthaf*cka (I've been listening to "Original Musical" from [title of show] a lot so I've been singing/swearing like a sailor).

Plus, when did Ted Danson start doing dramas and why hasn't he done it before? He's amazing. Same with Tate Donovan (below with Close), who I only know from The OC and even lighter fare than that. Who knew both could be so terrific in a dark drama?

Okay, I don't have much new to say but don't read below if you haven't watched the pilot yet.
First of all, what an excellent cast. Rose Byrne, Zeljko Ivanek, Danson, Donovan, Close. Wow!

Okay, but they were pretty blunt that Close's character Patty Hewes and Donovan's Tom Shaye conspired to kill Rose Byrne's Ellen Parson's dog but did they kill her boyfriend David Connor (Noah Bean) too (to pull Ellen onto Patty's side even more)? Or was that Frobisher's men?

I think I may have been overreading things but I'm sure there will be plenty more twists along the way.

Alright, I just needed to get that out of my system and since I know no one that has actually watched the series, there's no one to discuss it with me in real life.

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ModFab said...

Yeah, DAMAGES is pretty amazing, isn't it? It gets a little convoluted and muddy in the middle of the run, but boy, the last four episodes pay off in enormous ways. One of the most satisfying new shows of last year, and I can't wait until it comes back!

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