Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How I Met Your Mother - Cheers and Woes

No Tomorrow - Ep. 312

How awesome was the return of How I Met Your Mother? Yay! Cheers to that!

Not only did the yellow umbrella make another appearance, so did Barney and the gang! Barney suited up in green for St. Patrick's day!

I loved that Lily and Marshall moved into their Dowisetrepla apartment only to find the place was crooked. I'm having real estate woes. I totally get it.

And while I enjoyed watching Ted and Barney work their "badass" ways into and in the bar, getting good stuff from being bad, living like there is no tomorrow, I loved the twist even more with what REALLY happened, giving us a crumbling Ted (hmm... again, I'm having personal woes. I totally get it.) who is hitting rock bottom...

but alas, just as he does, he inadvertently picks up the yellow umbrella! And... that's it for now. It's like Lost. They need a built in end date so that they can plan for how we finally meet the mother.

And good lord it better not be Britney next week.

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