Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Want Mo' - 3 Mo' Divas - Musical Revue Review

3 Mo' Divas - National Tour - Winter Garden Theatre - Toronto, ON

I saw this last week and the tour has already moved on, but I'm writing this more for my own posterity and record keeping than anything else so skip back to the TV stuff if you'd like.

As a theatrical piece, since it was part of the Dancap musical theatre subscription series, 3 Mo' Divas could use a little mo' something. As a concert though, it is excellent, with 3 Divas taking the stage, (with an alternating cast of 6 Divas) singing everything from opera, musicals to R&B Gospel and Soul. A musical revue if you will. Except, I usually feel that revue's are a cop-out.

The night I went, I got Andrea Jones-Sojola (not pictured), DeVonna Lawrence (pictured on the right with a different rotation of the cast) and Ramona Dunlap (new to the cast), each with distinctively different types of voices, but all of them soared so if it is talent you want to see, it's a good show. Overall entertaining enough but a little unmemorable due to the simplistic package as a whole. Something mo' was needed.

Still, as a revue/concert, I much preferred it to Smokey Joe's Cafe or even Fosse.

On a complete side note, it was my first time at the Winter Garden Theatre EVER and it was as beautiful as everyone had said it was. And it's a great size. Why aren't more shows played in this venue? Why can't the Mirvish subscription series be at the Elgin and Winter Garden (double decker) Theatre? Spring Awakening would be PERFECT in the Elgin, and they could stick Medea in the Winter Garden! (Cause right now they are programmed for the Canon and the Canon sucks).

3 Mo' Divas - *** (3 Stars out of 5)

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