Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Ji Yeon - Ep. 407

It's all Madness! March (Lost) Madness!

And to steal a gimmick from Lost's neighbouring show Eli Stone, I stole a lyric off a George Michael song (and it WAS NOT meant to be dirty... you people... please...).

Sun (the radiant Yunjin Kim) is still only two months pregnant on the island. Juliet had said that things never go right in the third trimester.

Meanwhile, we see her having complications with her baby while looking like she's about to have the baby. In a place full of Koreans. In Korea (we presume).

So Sun is off the island! Jin is off the island! And buying a gigantic giant panda. A panda that's somehow stolen by a cab-nabbing fellow but Jin REALLY wants a panda for the baby. He MUST have a PANDA. Since my ex-roomate was crazy for panda's, I can actually see this happening. Cause I've seen it before.

So who's the spy on the boat? Sayid has a note from George Mikowski he left before dying telling them "Don't Trust the Captain". Then they meet the (hot, sorry, couldn't help it) captain.

Sun doesn't trust the boat people (it's like reverse-racism! ha!) and decides to go find Locke, with Juliet there to stop her because Juliet thinks Sun NEEDS to get off the island within 3 weeks or else Sun will die and her baby will never be born. Pretty blunt, no? Juliet tries to convince Jin but Jin is standing by his wife. Until Juliet reveals Sun's extra-marital affair as a low-blow way to stop them. And it works.

Desmond learns that the boat belongs to Charles Widmore. Who had found the black box from Oceanic 815 where they recovered 324 bodies. Bodies that were STAGED. Staged with 324 dead bodies that were not Sayid or any other Losties. Which is why "they" want Ben Linus.


but even more interesting... and what I've been basically been waiting for since this season started (or heck, since season 2)...

is Michael's return! (Harold Perrineau Jr.! Who has been in the credits all season long). Only it isn't "Michael", it's "Kevin Johnson". For a second there I thought they were going to go with Michael Johnson. Oy vey. Apparently Kevin is the janitor on the boat. (Although is this picture from this episode? Or next week?)

Where's Walt? Can he be close by? Does the Desmond time/space continuum future/past thing help explain Walt's impending 3 year growth spurt during the 2 months?

Sun and Jin fight. Sun and Jin reconcile, while in the future, Sun has the baby after fighting with the doctors to wait for a missing Jin. Jin manages to bring another gigantic giant panda to the hospital... to another baby... as a job when he was only married 2 months... in the PAST. Damn, I fell for it even as my head told me there had to be a twist. Man do I love being suckered by this show! It's a flash forward AND a flashback! Oooh. How tricky!

Hurley is at the door to Sun's place, where they seem to be getting ready to attend the funeral all dressed in black. Not a funeral. Still, they are there to visit Jin's gravesite. Having never made it alive to see his baby girl's birth.

From what I can tell on the gravestone, he was born in 1974? Nov. 27th? and died 2004, Sep. 22nd? What's with the 1980, 3, 20? Alright Lost geeks. More number crunching time. Does it mean anything?

You know, considering the drama remained simple and contained, mostly within Sun and Jin's marital relationship foibles, it stayed heartfelt and fascinating and I give it to Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim for keeping me enthralled. I bet you there will be complaints today that nothing really happened (I mean, we only met the Captain, found "Kevin Johnson"/Michael, realised Juliet will do anything to do what she thinks is right, and that Daniel Farraday is not a good liar or PR agent but you know, nothing!) but I enjoyed it for the simple emotional drama we got to have this week, with a bit of reprieve from the creepier stuff back at Othersville.

Plus, it's an Asian storyline. I'll take what I can get and here we don't get the stereotypes (or if we do, it gets twisted to slap us back in the face for having them). So yay for that! (I also liked how they just killed off Jin without having to kill off Jin, saving Daniel Dae Kim's job!). At least they didn't dare touch my Sun. She's totally fabulous! No wonder Yunjin Kim's supposedly a big star back in Korea! She totally glows and there's no way the producers would put a damper on that!


Jennifer said...

Re: What's with the 1980, 3, 20?

I believe that's Sun's DOB. And Sep. 22nd was the date of the supposed plane crash. Interesting, no?

Vance said...

I caught the dte of the crash thing (hmm...) though is it normal to have your wife's date of birth on the stone? Unless the burial site is for both?

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