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Lost - In Therapy

The Other Woman - Ep. 406

Goodness, I think I need therapy after watching this show. I needed therapy before watching this show, but now I'll really need it! Or a lobotomy to clear out my mind from the billion theories and details on the show that I have stored up there cause it's getting crowded and I'm getting confused with everything now.

Juliet is in therapy but just as we think it's another flash forward, we find out it's a flashback, back to The Othersville back when Juliet first arrived. Back when she thought she would only be there for 6 months. Back when she first meets a charming Ben who brings her flowers. RUN WOMAN RUN.

Back in the present (or 2004 at least), Juliet starts hearing the voices in the rainy jungle again when all of a sudden, her therapist appears. What perfect timing. Would you like to talk about those voices you hear?

"EVERYONE ON THIS ISLAND IS GOING TO DIE" says the therapist in the dripping rain.

Jack shows up and meets the therapist Harper, and by meets I mean they encounter each other with him holding a gun just as she tells them the way to go shoot Ben, and the voices from the jungle air return, and just before the therapist disappears again. Like I said, we are all going to need therapy after this. The characters. The viewers.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Charlotte talk cryptic before Kate springs on them and Charlotte knocks her out when Kate gets suspicious of some batteries in a bag that wasn't accounted for in any explanations.

Meanwhile, Goodwin (Brett Cullen, Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights) intrudes on Juliet helping Ben with finding out about his disease. Goodwin's wife, Harper, the therapist, accuses Juliet of sleeping with Goodwin, then threatens her not to hurt him. Him being Ben.

Got all that? Yeah, I'm not sure I did either. But still. OOOOOOooooooooo...

It's like grade 8 all over again. Ben has a crush on Juliet. Juliet is getting close with Goodwin. Goodwin's lady is tell her to keep her hands off, AND while protecting Ben. Just as Oceanic 815 explodes in the sky overhead.

If that doesn't flesh out the human soap opera during the beginning of the end, then well, we will have to continue to watch. Damn, they got us again!

Jack and Juliet find an unconscious Kate who awakens to inform Jack of the gas masks she found on Faraday.

Ben convinces Locke to let him out so that Ben can show him. Show WHAT?

They are back at the house. There's a safe behind a picture.
36, 15, 28. (Oh yey. New numbers to analyze to death) I can hear the calculators clicking away from all the geeks trying to figure out what they all mean.

There's a videotape inside. With "Red Sox" labeled over, but it's a tape of Charles Widmore (Alan Dale). The man who is the boss of the boat (AH!, Not Penny, but Penny's father!). He who is trying to find the island. Charles Widmore has a blindfolded man (apparently a caught "others") and is beating him on tape. Ben assumes Widmore is looking for the island for the miracle cure that cured Locke from his wheelchair. Ben has all the documents on Widmore and hands it over to Locke.

There's more mentions of Ethan, and his demise, while Ben mentions Anna Lucia to Juliet in another flashback as a potential candidate to join them. Though he doesn't see why. (Maybe cause she's got a DUI?) (* I have another comment but it's a bit of a spoiler so I'll stick it after the jump at the bottom).

Juliet breaks into one of the stations where some experiment seems to be happening and where one suited gas masked Faraday, who knows Juliet (holding a gun to his face), is trying to reset something? Reset the Master Caution? Open vents? Huh? More importantly. Faraday looks at Juliet disappointingly for being there.

Daniels is trying to make things safe and save everyone on the island but a valve is not closing. Meanwhile, Charlotte has a propensity for bashing people and knocks Juliet out with a pipe, all while the warning counts down to some kind of gas killing explosion, before it stops on 2. Of course.

Meanwhile, back in the past, Ben shows Juliet a dead Goodwin and it comes down to a fight of the alpha male, Ben being mad at Juliet for her relationship with Goodwin (then) and Jack (now) because she is HIS, especially after all the work he did to get her here. Wow, if Ben couldn't be creepier than before, he is now!

And then Jack and Juliet kiss, in present time. Because they are saved from the gas killing valve thing that Ben apparently had set up, sending Juliet to kill Faraday and Charlotte, but since Juliet is on the good side, she's now convinced that Freighter people are there to help. And kill Ben.

Finally, Hurley and Sawyer are playing horseshoes in Othersville before they see Ben walk buy with some clean sheets into a home, greeting them with a "see you later at dinner". CREEPY!

Poor Michael Emerson, will he ever be able to separate from the amazing creepy Ben that he's created for himself?

* As for the extra spoiler comment, highlight below to continue reading (though it's not really a spoiler, I read some of those too but probably but I might link to them later):

As for the DUI, we will see if the trend continues if Jin dies next week in a Sun and Jin-centric episode Ji Yeon, which is the name of their baby, and in the episode. either Jin or Sun will die. And if Jin dies, Daniel Dae Kim will prove once again, Lost producers are MADD's best friend, setting examples out of the drunkards. Though, I've always thought that Jin would die since season 1. He always seemed the most expendable (even though I would want him to stay).

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