Monday, March 10, 2008

Rashida Jones Needs To Hire A New Agent

Un-Hitched - Pilot - Ep. 101

It wasn't THAT bad. But with Rashida Jones (above, on a Fox show that can manage to make her look like an idiot) coming off The Office and leaving Jim Halpert for this, I expected more.

More than Craig Bierko at least, who has never not been annoying.

I mean, I knew it was on Fox, so my level of expectation had already lowered but when half of the plotline in the first episode hangs on a piece of hanging skin on the hot chick Bierko is dating, it already seems like they've run out of ideas. Which is too bad since it's such a basic premise that could easily work (returning to the single life).

But what's with Shaun Majumder's fake cliched East Indian accent? I guess I'm used to him being on Canada's This Hour Has 22 Minutes (kind of like The Daily Show only about Canadian politics so thus, a bit softer) so I'm sad to see being degraded back to stereotypical roles with no sense of satirical irony. He's smarter than that.

Rashida Jones still dazzled on screen, but that just shows what a radiant actress she is when she can still transcend the banal material.

And surprisingly, I kinda liked Johnny Sneed even though by all accounts, he's supposed to be the most annoying character (easily beaten by Bierko's presence) but I wished I could like this show more, because Jones rocks, and now, needs to hire a new agent. Pronto.

At this point, ** (2 stars) and they are basically for Jones and the fact that they cast Majumder (as stupid as the part may be).

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