Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Selling Out To Oprah and Other Self Realizations

Oprah's Big Give - Pilot - Ep. 101
quarterlife - Pilot - Ep. 101
The New Adventures of Old Christine - Popular - Ep. 303, Traffic - Ep. 304, Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Ep. 305

There are people who hate Oprah and those devoted to her. I'd like to pretend that I hate her but really, I watch her show when I can (and almost time it to watch the show at the gym while I'm on a machine) because I basically plan on being her BFF and taking over her show at some point.

So I can see the negatives of her taking over the world, starting with Oprah's Big Give (along with her magazine, her announced network, choosing the president of the United States, etc. etc. etc) but I actually like the idea of the show and can't really complain of a show whose purpose is to give away money to the less fortunate, despite the amount of self branding and Oprahfication (the new Disneyfication?) of it all.

The problem was that parts of it felt a bit Apprenticey to me, even though the show is aided by the wizardry of Bert Van Munster who also produces The Amazing Race. And in fact, I wanted more Oprah, and less of whoever else was on. If you're gonna put your name on the show, at least show up for longer than the first and last 10 minutes.

Like, why is Jamie Oliver relegated to the side as a celebrity judge and looking like he's totally being wasted while he should be cooking to convince school kids to eat properly? And who are the other judges anyways? Love Nate Berkus of course as the host but I will admit a jealousy factor since he has a great life that came from his successful design practice and he looks great, but seriously, the makeovers he does on Oprah is usually actually pretty ugly. I just think we all love him because, well... he's hot and likable. No? Or am I just being a petty bitch?

Still, I would totally be his BFF!

Anyways, I just want to see Oprah give away money and things and everyone going apeshit crazy. That's the money shot. That's always fun to watch. Like Bernadette's Dream Come True. It was one of the rare occasions I bawled like crazy. BAWLED I tell ya.

I would talk about quarterlife, the show about bloggers (hmm... and we all look that attractively lanky and imperious) but apparently there is no point already after one week since NBC pulled it after the first episode, AND somehow my PVR didn't tape it (I guess my machine was telling me something) so I actually never even got to watch it. Too bad since Cappie (from Greek) was in it. Love Cappie. Can't wait for Season 1 Part 2 to start on March 23rd! Still, I'm not sure I'm THAT interested enough to watch it online (where the show came from) because if I did, I would have already watched it. I guess people just don't care to watch a show about bloggers? How interesting can we be? Even they look bored of each other (above).

I'm behind on talking about The New Adventures of Old Christine because I didn't really have much to say until now. It's still funny, not as funny as the first 2 episodes this season or last season, but still funny. Though they are making Christine a bit TOO neurotic and getting into a bit too close to Elaine territory and I don't like that new guy/friend from school but it's still one of the best comedies around (and really, with the strike delay, the only one around).

I did love when Matthew (the always lovable Hamish Linklater) was in therapy and realized his unhealthy close relationship with his sister.

Oh sh!t. My sister and I do a LOT of things together. We tend to see a lot of theatre and concerts together. Part of it is that I'm trying to be a good brother and I want her to see and experience as much as possible. Part of it is that I have nobody to go to theatre with in Toronto because my friends are either a) always broke, b) hate musicals, or c) always working and refuse to go out on a school night (and no, nobody has kids that are old enough to go to school yet). Sheesh, I really need new friends in Toronto. Which I probably don't have because I'm a total loser hanging out with my baby sister.

Though at least all we talk about is pop culture. My family does not discuss human emotions or anything like that. It's not our style.


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