Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old Sweat - Hot Tub Time Machine - Movie Review

Hot Tub Time Machine = C+
Written by Josh Heald and Sean Anders & John Morris, Directed by Steve Pink
Opens Mar. 26th 2010

If you loved The Hangover, you're gonna love this shit. I didn't think The Hangover was all that funny and was basically totally overrated (and I saw it early before the hype), but you know, apparently I'm in the minority on this one so Hot Tub Time Machine is going to be a massive hit with the same formula.

4 guys end up drinking, having girls around, and getting in trouble in various wacked out situations. I mean, I think Craig Robinson (The Office), Rob Corddry (The Daily Show) and Clark Duke (Greek) are pretty funny guys, and John Cusack is... well... John Cusack and film staple since the 80's, and they're hilarious as they spit out their lines, but the lines themselves are not that funny, ones that rely on old tired jokes and insults.

There's still a likability in the movie with it's cast and ridiculously fun premise (guys get into a hot tub, they go back in time, they try to get back... what? You were expecting Chekov or something?) and I think I still laughed more here out of pure stupidity (and Rob Corddry's delivery) than I did with The Hangover (which to clarify, I didn't hate, I just didn't think it was the funniest movie of last year).

I'll give bonus points though for having Crispin Glover (Back to the Future) as the bellhop and Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl, Kings) do a complete 180 playing the 80's bully (though too bad Charlie McDermott (so hilarious as Axel in The Middle) had little to do beside Stan).

Eh, but what do I know. All my friends LOVED it and thought it was hilarious and WAY better than The Hangover and this had it's moments. Recycled moments but dumb jokes are easy and are reliable aren't they?

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