Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of Television 2010

I fell behind on several critically acclaimed shows this year (some which apparently bounded back to their best seasons ever I've been told, but alas, won't be on this list due to my slack) but of all the shows I manage to keep watching in time, the ensemble comedies seemed to have bounded back with a vengeance.

Here are my picks for the Best of Television for 2010
(With the ranking from the three previous lists (Best of 2009, Best of 2008/ Best of TV - Fall 2007/ Winter 2008 Season) in parenthesis.):

1. Friday Night Lights (DirecTV/NBC) - (1, 1, 3)

New team, new kids, new problems, same Tammy, same Coach Taylor, same clear eyes, same full hearts, still can't lose.

2. Breaking Bad (AMC) - (Favorite But Not Caught Up)

We know drugs creates a lot of drama but who knew it could also be so funny? Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are intensely brilliant together as the drug-making odd-couple.

3. Community (NBC) - (Not Ranked)

Inanity at its best, with attention to details while going for the comedy gusto.

4. The Good Wife (CBS) - (Not Ranked)

A perfected balance of procedural law cases and personal drama with a strong ensemble AND guest cast.

5. Modern Family (ABC) - (3, New)

Delightfully heartwarming with some charming zingers.

6. Cougar Town (ABC) - (Not Ranked)

Nicely settled into older friends who like to drink, and drunk friends can be very very funny.

7. Parks & Recreation (NBC) - (Not Ranked)

Another tight comedy ensemble that only seems to get better as they've finally figured out their awkward workplace rhythm.

8. Better Off Ted (ABC) - (9, New)

Sadly, this terrific workplace comedy that skewered big corps and their minions never found an audience but hopefully will live on with DVD.

9. 30 Rock (NBC) - (8, 5, 4)

Still insane, still completely all over the place, but still getting in the laughs.

10. Bored to Death (HBO) - (Not Ranked)

A show that stars three folks I tend to think of as annoying, but totally lovable and hilarious here in this pseudo-detective noir comedy.

11. Nurse Jackie (Showtime) - (5, New)

12. Party Down (Starz) - (Not Ranked)

13. Ugly Betty (ABC) - (11, 7, 9)

14. Lost (ABC) - (2, 2, 1)

15. Glee (FOX) - (4, New)

16. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - (10, 20, Not Ranked)

17. Bones (FOX) - (13, 15, 15)

18. Greek - (abcFamily) - (17, Not Ranked)

19. Desperate Housewives (ABC) - (15, 13, 18)

20. The United States of Tara (Showtime) - (6, New)

New Shows I Enjoy:
Sherlock (BBC)
The Walking Dead (AMC)
How to Make It In America (HBO)
Life Unexpected (The CW)
Raising Hope (FOX)

Most Overrated New Show:
Boardwalk Empire

Shows I Still Enjoy But I've Totally Fallen Behind On:
Mad Men
True Blood
Burn Notice
Men of a Certain Age
Being Erica
Royal Pains
White Collar

Great Shows I'll Miss:
Ugly Betty
Better Off Ted
The New Adventures of Old Christine
10 Things I Hate About You
My Boys

Shows I Haven't Seen Yet
Big Love


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