Monday, October 09, 2017

Sharron, Music and Jam! - Unapologetically Me - Cabaret Review

Unapologetically Me: Sharron's Cabaret for Kids - Young People's Theatre Studio - Toronto, ON
Created and Performed by Sharron Matthews
Runs until Oct. 21st 2017
(*I have worked with Sharron Matthews previously so this is a biased review)

Sharron Matthews was the woman who first convinced me cabarets could be great. Her night time cabarets for grown ups is unapologetically Sharron being her fabulous self, and now she's being Unapologetically Me, for kids! Sharron's mix of heartfelt and honest personal stories (this time of her youth) and singing rearranged pop songs that fit surprisingly well into her stories, is a perfect combo to bring to the young audiences of YPT.

Sharron has a special handle on the rambunctious kids who totally grooved to the songs while Sharron cleverly told intimate stories about her childhood days. With her body positive, confidence owning, anti-bullying stance, there's a positivity about the whole show that manages to crack through even some of the more cynical of the kids. Watching the kids and their natural sassiness, it almost seemed like they hadn't heard this type of uncynical positive optimism as you could see their minds churning in how to take in this messaging, all while they were tapping to the beats (and a few head bangers rocking to the grooves). Sharron seems a natural in guiding her show to the very unpredictable audience of kids, and in our showing, ultimately ended up in a big dance party after one particular dancing kid got into the whole proceedings and Sharron happily went with it. And the kids followed!

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