Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Amazing Race - Book Smarts, Look Smarts

Lookin' like a Blue-Haired Lady on a Sunday Drive

See women? This is what you get when you get men that keep stopping to ask for directions. They get booted from the race for coming in last. Nice (but naive and sillily dumb) guys do finish last. And you wonder why we men don't stop to ask for directions?

The racers continue their walk down the Olympic tower in Helsinki, Finland and then fly off to Kiev, Ukraine, to get to Chernobyl where they will drive tanks around a race coarse. I know it's stupid but I had to laugh when the boys got splashed in mud but the girls somehow kept clean.

So the lookers, or the pretty teams (Druggie Models and Barbies) kept the lead, despite bunching up at the airport as they tried to get to Kiev, while the Backpack basically slowly imploded as the Cho Brothers slowly realised they got sucker punched (and when I mean slowly, I mean, it took a few sledgehammers to the head and a good knockout, 3 full rounds of boxing, and time to make a soufflé) by Lyn and Karlyn who were riding their coatails before leaving them in the dust. As James (or was it Tyler? I still can't really tell them apart) put it, the book smarts weren't really helping the Cho Brothers and they were eventually eliminated (after being stopped by the police for driving in a closed-off street. Which is not surprising for a team that brought waterguns to the airport on the first leg of the race).

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Travis said...

I think that this is just a classic case of thinking too much. They over analyzed and talked themselves out of just playing the game.

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