Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brothers & Sisters - Mistakes Were Made and Now We Fix It Fast

Mistakes Were Made, Part 2

Much like the start of this series, mistakes were made and now Greg Berlanti (who co-wrote the episode) is here to fix it, as some seemingly quick changes in this episode seem to push away the pension fund (yawn) story with a quick discovery in a bank vault in a town from nowhere, that Daddy Walker's seemingly useless inland piece of property actually has a deal to sell to the US Army for $30Million upon his death, if the Walkers choose to do so. Got all that in one breathe? Yeah, it seemed a little like that at the end on the show too.

Kevin also finds a quick hookup at the Army Base bar now that Scotty has dumped him (uh, of COURSE he finds someone right away? And at an Army Base no less? What am I doing wrong?) while Kevin, Tommy and Sarah have more time to bond on their expanding road trip (with Kevin trying to counter the gay stereotype by fixing the smoky car, only to make it worse).

Kitty interviews Senator Rob McCalister (Rob Lowe in the role that should have been Michael Vartan's, but he seems to fit in pretty well. Welcome to another grande cast!) but tries to bribe him for help to get Justin out of his call to Iraq, but Amber tattle-tales on her, revealing her compromising journalistic morals for her family (and her relationship with mother Nora's) sake. McCalister (yes, the same name Bobby McCalister from Greg Berlanti's other show Jack & Bobby) turns the offer down but offers Kitty a job as the nanny (the same position whom he had just had an affair with, ending his marriage) as a joke. Sort of.

Carpenter David (Treat Williams, who has a calming effect with that voice that I think helped Zen out Everwood and now Brothers and Sisters) stops by Nora Walkers place but Nora slows down the relationship and holds him off (with a funny nailing bit thrown in for good measure).

Flashbacks detail Justin's decision to enlist, and it was actually Nora's pushiness that finally drove him to go into the Army, and not Kitty as she was lead to believe. Though belief is not something we have about Nora's bob in the flashbacks. Time to get a better hairdresser that knows how to use wigs.

And the in-vitro seemed to work as Tommy's wife is pregnant (um. that was fast. Doesn't this process usually take forever? )

So, there wraps up a lot of the odd strains. So we are now left with the good juicy bits left between the drama of the Walker family, allowing the show to move forward on their continuing upward climb from the disaster of the shows showrunning problems of this summer.

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