Monday, November 27, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Alma Matters

The Miracle Song

Somehow I've fallen even farther behind in TV and right now I'm just tired from coming back from Hong Kong over the weekend so here's just a few notes about last nights Desperate Housewives.

Love that Gabrielle seems to have a purpose with the beauty pageant thing but it seems to be a story that's even farther away from the rest of the Housewives. Plus does it all have to end up dissolving into another attempt for her to land a man?

Mike's story finally seems to get interesting and it is so Edie to just drop him like that as soon as he is arrested but we still need more Edie. Plus, bonus points to Dougray Scott for making Susan somewhat palatable again.

Love the Art (and possible pedophile) storyline, especially when he showed his evilness at the guilt-ridden Lynette at the end, but did he imply he was thankful that Lynette was able to kill his sister off for him? Or that he really did do the stuff she said with the kids? I was a little confused.

Love that Carlos is still bunking with Mike.

How twisted is Orson and Gloria Hodge? And Alma is alive? How fun is it to watch Dixie Carter tear up the lines (and is this some sort of Designing Women renaissance? First the always underrated and amazing Jean Smart on 24, and now Delta Burke on Boston Legal?). How screwed is Bree?

Christmas seemed to come early on Wisteria Lane which I guess means no new episode until 2007? Next Episode first week of January. Let the Christmas specials begin!

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