Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gilmore Girls – Marty!

French Twist

Lane has TWINS! (Not to worry Zack, not Siamese Twins… haha). Mrs Kim is actually thrilled but takes over their lives and wants them to move in with them. Finally brave enough, they tell Mrs. Kim that they need to live in their own apartment, which Mrs. Kim agrees to, by moving in with THEM, booting Brian to live with the Koreans. Seriously. Pass the Bulgogi please! I love Brian (John Cabrera), he can turn one sentence into hilarity.

Rory’s reign at the Yale Daily News is over (uh, do they normally turn over editor’s in the middle of the semester?) leaving Rory worrying about her future post-Yale. She joins her new friends Lucy and Olivia and embark on a trip back to Stars Hollow.

Lorelai, Chris and Gigi are off to Paris. Chris and Lorelai wax romantic with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, and Chris proposes. We next see Lorelai and Chris returned home to Stars Hollow as a married couple.

Okay, but enough with that, we already knew that was coming. What I did NOT expect was Marty to reappear as Lucy’s never-before-seen (by us or Rory) boyfriend, and Marty pretends not to know Rory. MARTY! I LOVE MARTY! The boards were always all over Marty and for his return, but a silly thing called: the actor Wayne Wilcox lives on the other side of the country in New York, somehow prevented Gilmore Girls from bringing back Marty. I told you cheap producers of Gilmore Girls, I would even pay for his ticket to bring Marty back onto the show. Well, better late than never. (For those of you who missed Marty the first time, he was found naked and passed-out outside Rory and Paris’ dorm room during first year at Yale, and basically he loved her, she didn’t, and their friendship could no longer continue, but WE loved Marty, right?)

So as someone who doesn’t despise the Chris Lorelai relationship and who is happy Lane has a few more lines this week, I enjoyed this episode immensely but again, most probably because of Marty’s last minute appearance… now, will there be more? Now that they got Wayne Wilcox back to LA? Can they keep him around for longer? (Though he is apparently to open tonight in Roundabout Theater's Suddenly Last Summer in NY Off-Broadway)


Liz said...

Glad to hear Lane's back in the spotlight along with Marty! But dang, I just can't take this Chris/Lorelai business. Sorry! Thanks for the update, though...even though I can't bear to watch anymore, it's nice to know what the characters are up to, if that makes sense.

vance said...

Come on, how can you not love Chris? and he's Canadian. How can you not love a Canadian !??! hehe...

Liz said...

It's not that I don't like Chris, although he has certainly pissed me off many, MANY times. It's more that I don't like Chris and Lorelai together...it does't make sense to me in the context of how her character was painted through the seasons that she'd drop Luke and go back to him. Yeah, I've put too much thought into this... :)

Avster said...

As a fellow Canadian and Torontonian I too like Christopher. Once they put Luke and Lorelai together there was no chemistry and at least with Christopher there is some.
Still, I think it was a bad move to have them get married.
My issue with the show recently is that I'm finding the banter, particularly Lorelai's tendency to never shut up and always make a smart ass remark extremely grating.

vance said...

I totally agree with the banter. It feels forced and off somehow. I also wonder if the fact that Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson don't get along in real life affected that chemistry (and thus the storyline), since it seems that David Sutcliffe and Lauren Graham really have some sparks going.

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