Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gilmore Girls - Stars Hollow Welcome

Knit, People, Knit!

I thought I missed something when they opened with Richard and Emily calmly acknowledging Lorelai and Christopher's marriage, but Oh how I doubted you Emily Gilmore with your backhanded sarcastic wit! Emily and Richard buys them a wedding gift of an etching of the most hideous wolf-woman, then replays the answering machine message Lorelai left that revealed her eloped wedding in Paris.

Meanwhile, apparently Paris and Doyle can hip-hop dance with the best of them as we see while Rory moves back in with Paris.

Liz and TJ are having a baby and TJ is going nuts as usual (somehow he could be really annoying but I find him really funny). Ana decides to move to New Mexico taking an unhappy April with her, but causes Luke to really re-evaluate his paternal rights, especially after seeing his new baby niece.

It's Lucy's 21st birthday and Olivia throws her a 2002 birthday (? This is when this new season tries to copy the too-cute old style and I think fails miserably. See also Lorelai's rant on the couch to Christopher that went on WAY too long). It forces Rory to meet up with (Lucy's boyfriend) Marty (MARTY!) again who is still ignoring her, until she forces him to talk. Marty quickly changes his tune (yeah!) but then lets slip of his continuing enamour for Rory (who did truly look glowing this episode) which sort of creeped Rory out again (boo). I'm just so happy when Wayne Wilcox is on the show as Marty! Apparently, according to next week's spoilers/episode description, Logan will be none to pleased with the Marty situation.

Finally, while Emily wants to throw Lorelai and Christopher a big wedding party, Lorelai is reluctant to invite her Stars Hollow friends, fearing rejection since they were all expecting her husband to be Luke. Lorelai tries to introduce Christopher to the town and gets a cordial but hollow welcome that includes a sad Welcome Wagon gift (on an actual) Wagon (cute).

There's a big Knit-a-Thon to benefit some bridge, and the town gathers to knit, knit, complain, and knit, all in the name of fun. Christopher misreads the gripes and donates the remaining amount needed, ending the need for the rest of the Knit-a-Thon, rendering the entire event redundant, and thus leaving the townsfolk of Stars Hollow with no reason to continue the bonding experience. Lorelai also forces Christopher to hang out with Jackson on a man-date to garner a better reputation, while Jackson uses an allegory to instill Christopher that Lorelai had better be treated well.

The big question of the day though is: where the heck did they find those massive balls of yarn and the gigantic knitting needles? The Set Decorating department on this show must have a lot of fun/huge stress finding all the things needed for this show.

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